Pleasant double bedroom in peaceful Niguarda

Room for rent in Via Lanfranco della Pila: 520 Euro/month

Erasmus Milan has selected for you this room for rent in Via Lanfranco della Pila!

If you’re on your way to the attractive megalopolis of Milan, then you’re going to love the location of this cool looking flat. Situated in Niguarda, close to Bicocca metro station on one side and to Parco Nord Milano and other refreshing green areas on the other, this flat is a great spot to set as your home-base for the duration of your studies. Plus, you’ll be quite close to Università degli Studi di Milano -Bicocca – Dipartimento di Fisica “Giuseppe Occhialini” as well! The property comprises of five elegant bedrooms, each of them bright and neatly furnished to comfortably accommodate you, a dining room, two bathrooms, and a modernly equipped kitchen where you’ll feel free to cook to your heart’s content. Check it out!

Price: 520 Euro/month


Location: Via Lanfranco della Pila