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Hostels in Milan: the ultimate guide

If you are going to study or work in Milan, you could need to stay in a hostel for some days while looking for a flat or a room. Or maybe you want to suggest a good hostel to your friends who want to come and visit you during your staying in Milan…

Or it could be for many other reasons and that’s why we want to help you to choose with this hostels in Milan ultimate guide.

Why a hostel?

Well, at this point you should already know that the cost of living in Milan is quite high and this also applies – unfortunately – to accommodation in hotels or bed and breakfasts. The cheapest solution is, without any doubt, staying in a hostel.

Also, many hostels have a young, international and easy-going atmosphere. In fact, you can meet students and backpackers playing table tennis or other games in the hall or having a beer at the bar of the hostel. We think that meeting new people and making new friends is always a good reason!

We have selected 5 categories of hostels in order to make you choose the one that best fits your needs:

  • The cheapest hostels in Milan

If you just want to save money and your only condition is “the cheaper, the better!” the following hostels are what you are looking for;

This chart is made with the official prices, they can vary depending on the week day or year period. If you want to be sure to get the best price, search with Booking!

Hostel Colours

Via privata Desiderio, 24 – Zone: Città studi

The cheapest price is – of course – for the 12 beds dorm, but in this nice hostel you can also choose many other kinds of rooms, even a twin or double bedroom. Despite its low prices, it has a very high rate on (7.9/10 based on more than 350 reviews) and it has a nice common zone where you can play darts, table tennis and use the free wi-fi. Check the best offer for Hostel Colour HERE!

Milano Hostel

Via Porpora, 26 – Zone: Città studi

Very close to Loreto metro stop, this hostel is perfect for people who don’t want to spend too much for sleeping. You can choose any kind of room starting from double/twin to familiar one (8 people). Wi-fi also works in bedrooms and the staff speaks 4 languages. Rate on is 7/10.. Not bad for a cheap hostel. Why don’t you book it now?


Via Ippocrate, 45 – Zone: Affori

This hostel is located in a nice garden close to Affori metro stop. Prices include breakfast while parking and wi-fi are free so it’s definitely one of the cheapest hostels in Milan. If you look for a quite atmosphere out of the city crowd and a friendly staff, this is the place for you and you can book OstellOlinda HERE.

B&B Brera 2

Via Bramante, 35 – Zone: Brera

Even if it’s called B&B, it is considered a proper hostel. It has 9 bedrooms choosing between 3, 4 and 6 beds. Parking and wi-fi are free and it’s quite close to Brera. It’s nice and cheap… Is it enough for you? Book the B&B Brera 2 HERE!

Panda Hostel

Via Canzio, 15 – Zone: Città studi

Close to Loreto metro stop, Panda Hostel has a nice terrace and rooms for 2, 6 or 8 people. Breakfast included, free wi-fi and a cozy relax zone. Do you like pandas and want more info about this hostel? Click HERE for Panda Hostel!

  • The most trendy hostels in Milan

Milan is a trendy city, you will realize it soon. Some hostels in Milan are famous for their cool atmosphere and for their hipster customers. If you think that socializing is essential for your staying, you should definetely book one of the following hostels:

Ostello Bello Grande 

Via Roberto Lepetit, 33 – Zone: Stazione centrale

Opened in 2015, this hostel is the younger brother of the famous Ostello Bello. It’s located 100m from central station and it has a modern alternative/chic style. It’s not a low cost hostel, but its terrace with hammocks, garden and BBQ will make you forget that you are in a big city. Free wi-fi, snack bar, welcome drink and many other amenities are included. Want to know more about Ostello Bello Grande? click HERE! 

Ostello Bello

Via medici, 4 – Zone: City center

The first of its family, it has won lots of prizes and awards. It’s considered the best hostel in Italy and it’s in the top 10 in Europe. It has 3 terraces (and BBQ) and a lounge room/bar that has become a must for milanese nightlife lovers, not only for the hostel’s customers. The price includes breakfast and dinner. Staff speaks 7 languages… Want to stay in one of the best hostels in Europe? Click HERE for the best fares!

Gogol’Ostello & Cafté Letterario

Via Chieti, 1 – Zone: Sempione

Located in a quite small street close to metro stop Domodossola, this hostel has 7 rooms (2,4 and 2 beds) and a “CafTé Letterario” (literary cafe.. and tea) where – not only – travelers can meet each other and share ideas and interests. It has an art exhibition area and a small garden and the atmosphere is relaxed and multicultural. If you are looking for a place with art, culture and sharing, book your place at Gogol’Ostello HERE! 

New Generation Hostel Città Studi

Via Ponzio, 75 – Zone: Città studi

This quite new “franchising” has 3 hostels in Milan and one in Rome. This one is located in Città Studi, you can find the other 2 in the next section. The New Generation Hostel Città Studi mixes modern and antique furniture and design and rooms are very nice. If you want to save more money you can book in the 18-beds dorm. It has 2 lounge rooms to socialize, study or work. Get your place HERE!

Madama Hostel & Bistrot

Via Benaco, 1 – Zone: Ripamonti

Close to Lodi metro stop, this hostel is perfect for you if you want to spend a good time and having fun. Why? Because you will be able to enter for free at the Ohibò night club and play billiards and table football during the day or join one of the DJ sets or concerts during the night. Double rooms or 6 beds dorms. Your priority is socialize and have fun? Book Madama hostel HERE!

  • The best located hostels in Milan

Location is everything for you? You want to reach by foot the Duomo or your favourite bar at Navigli? Book one hostel from this list and you won’t regret your choice:

Ostello Bello

Via medici, 4 – Zone: City center

If all the reasons to book Ostello Bello we gave you before are not enough, maybe you should also know that it’s 500m from Duomo square… Basically, it couldn’t be more centric! Ready to go? Book it HERE.

New Generation Hostel Brera

Via Renzo Bertoni, 3 – Zone: Brera

Another nice hostel of the New Generation family. This one is located in Brera, one of the most beautiful and chic zones of Milan. Following the “urban” concept of the New Generation Hostel Città Studi, it’s  set in a wing of a Franciscan Friars’ convent but its design and furnitures are modern and cutting edge. It’s definetely our favourite New Generation Hostel. You trust us? Book it now, HERE!

New Generation Hostel Navigli

Via Marco Burigozzo, 11 – Zone: Navigli

The third and last (but not least) New Generation Hostel in Milan is located in the Navigli area, one of the most important nightlife zones in Milan. You can choose between “urban” dorms or “chich” rooms depending on your needs and tastes. You want to try the famous aperitivo of Milan just out of your hostel? Navigli is your zone and New Generation Hostel Navigli your right choice, book it now! 

Atmos Luxe

Via privata Cezanne, 1 – Navigli

Atmos Luxe, located not far from Navigli, is a really good hostel not only for its location. In fact, rooms are very nice, decorated with good taste in every detail. If you want to spend less, you can stay in the 5 dormitory room but if you don’t mind about the price you can also stay in the superior double room. Another strong point of this hostel is the staff: really kind and always ready to solve your needs. Book your room at Atmos Luxe HERE.  

  • The outsiders

They are not the most famous, but they all have something that make them special. You think outside the box? Try one of these:

Casa di Stefano

Via Melzi d’Eril, 32 – Zone: Sempione

This hostel is 300m from Parco Sempione, the most beautiful garden in Milan. Why an outsider? Well… As the name says, it is a proper house! If you want a new family for a couple of days, this hostel is for you. At the moment it is rated 9/10 on Want to see prices of Casa di Stefano? Click HERE!


Via Ippocrate, 45 – Zone: Affori

Out of the city center crowd and out of the schemes. We have already spoken about this hostel, but you should also know that it is run by an association that promotes a project of social integration of people with mental disorders. In fact, it is set in a former psychiatric hospital. If you like this project and want to give a hand to this association, there is an easy way: Book your staying at OstellOlinda HERE! 

Gogol’Ostello & Cafté Letterario

Via Chieti, 1 – Zone: Sempione

We have already described this hostel but it also deserves a place between the “outsiders” in fact, as Asli (the owner) likes to say, Gogol’Ostello’s cultural program represents its main strength because they promote new artists, musicians, designers, writers and more!

Koala Hostel

Via Stefano Canzio, 15 – Zone: Città studi

Located 200m from Loreto stop, this is the second hostel set up by Claudio. The first was dedicated to zebras and this one to koalas. A part from his passion for animals, he loves travelling and he proves it in his hostel. The common zone is very nice and you can always find someone to have a chat or a drink with. You like koalas? See the prices and info about Koala Hostel HERE. 

  • Other hostels in Milan

Maybe they are not the cheapests nor the best located. Probably they are not trendy or special, but they are good enough to be in this guide, so… Why don’t give them a chance?

AIG Piero Rotta

Via Martino Bassi, 2 – Zone: San Siro

This hostel is part of AIG, the italian association of Youth Hostels. AIG has more than 60 years of experience and it’s part of the Hostelling International network. The hostel is nice and prices are good. Maybe there is a good offer for the dates you are looking for… You can check it HERE!

Central Hostel Milano

Via Andrea Doria, 44 – Zone: Stazione Centrale

Close to Loreto stop, this hostel has also single rooms. It’s decorated with modern style (black, white and red are the dominating colors) and the staff is very kind and nice. You need a quite accommodation close to the central station? Book Central Hostel HERE! 

Minas Hostel

Via Pietro Calvi, 18 – Zone: Porta Vittoria

Minas Hostel is quite close to the city center. Rooms are nice and curated and you can choose between 2-3-4 or 6 beds dorms. For the ones of you who want more privacy, there are rooms with private bathroom. Check the availability of Minas Hostel HERE.


If you have read this guide and think that you don’t want to stay in a hostel but you prefer to find a flat in Milan, you should read this article.

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