Residence U12

Residences for Erasmus students of Università Statale and Bicocca

Residence or flat? Flat or residence? It could be a difficult choice and we hope that these information about residences could help you!

If you are going to Statale (Università degli Studi di Milano) or Bicocca and you want to find a place in one of CiDIS residences you can find any info you need on their website clicking here.

To sum up the most important points:

Erasmus+ students who want a place in residences must make an advanced payment of:

  • € 300,00 in case of arrival during the first fortnight (1st – 15th) or
  • € 150,00 in case of arrival during the second fortnight (16th – 31th)

Erasmus+ students are required to pay € 350,00 as unprofitable caution deposit.

The receipts of advanced payment must arrive, no later than July 20th, 2015 for the first semester, and the Dec. 14th, 2015 for the second semester, at the following addresses:

  • Via fax to the n. +39 02.5820.7205 or to the email address: erasmus.statale@consorziocidis.it, for students enrolled at University of Milano;
  • Via fax to n. +39 02.6448.7060 or to the e-mail address:  erasmus.bicocca@consorziocidis.it, for students enrolled at University of Milano-Bicocca.

Accommodations are chosen depending on room availability. CIDiS shall communicate, via e-mail, the student the possibility of accessing to the computerized room assignment.

At the time of accessing the procedure, students can choose the House of Residence, among those who have availability of bed places for Erasmus + students.

All the rooms in the residences are SHARED rooms… Actually BASSINI and RIPAMONTI have single rooms BUT they can’t say it. Up to you! 😉


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