Cinemas in original language Milan

Cinemas in original language in Milan

In Milan there are several cinemas that offer original language movies: today we want to show you the best cinemas in original language in Milan.

Everybody loves movies… And even if you have Netflix at home, going to the cinema is way better!

Watching a movie in Italian can help you improve your comprehension skills but sometimes you just want to relax and enjoing the original language version.

Below you can find the best cinemas that offer films in their original language: English, Spanish and French. We hope you enjoy the movies!


  • The following ones show films in their original language with Italian subtitles almost every day, you just have to check the movies that are running:
  • Just on Tuesday
  • Just on Wednesday
    • UCI CINEMA BICOCCA – Via Chiese 60, Bicocca Village  The UCI CINEMA special Student Card (Skin Student) allows you to go to the cinema at a cheaper price during the weekdays.
  • Just on Thursday

More info: and


The “Instituto Cervantes” (Via Dante, 12 – Milan) offers sometimes film cycles in Spanish and at a very cheap price.

Check the website to stay tuned:


Institut français in Milan (Hosted in Palazzo delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 63 – Milano) offers films in French language with Italian subtitles.

The cinema is Cinemàgenta63 Corso Magenta 63

More info:

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