Milan is a big city and moving by car, especially during rush hour, can be a really stressful experience. Luckily, there are other ways to move around, most of them provided by the Milan Transport Company (ATM).

The first paragraphs are dedicated to the public transport (subway, public buses, trams, etc..) with information about hours, prices, discounts for students and so on… But you can also find information about bike sharing, car and scooter sharing, taxi and also airports… In short, everything you should know about transport in Milan!


The Milan Metro can’t be compared to those of the biggest European cities like London, Paris, Berlin or Madrid. Nonetheless, it is the most efficient one in Italy.

It is made up of four lines (MM1 red, MM2 green, MM3 yellow and the brand new MM5 purple), plus a rail link made up of 5 suburban lines covering more than 80 km. Two metro lines are under construction and should be completed in the next few years.

The Milan Metro is opened every day from 6 am till 00:30 am.


In addition to the metro, Milan has a good bus & tram network system serving both the urban and suburban areas. The metro is the fastest and usually the best option, but surface transport is comfortable and efficient especially for short distances.

Many people prefer it also because it allows them to enjoy many of the city sights.


Tickets can be purchased at ATM Points, ticket machines and authorized bars and newsstands. You must validate your ticket at the machines on board. Be careful, you can’t purchase tickets on board, so you need to get one before you enter.

  • simple ticket: 1,50 € (valid for 90 minutes from validation – a single access to the metro)
  • carnet: 13,80 € (valid for 10 simple tickets)
  • day pass: 4,50 € (unlimited journeys for 24 hours from validation)
  • 2days card: 8,25€ (unlimited journeys for 48 hours from validation)
  • weekly 2×6 pass: 10 € (2 simple tickets per day of the week from Monday to Sunday, for a maximum of 6 days)
  • evening ticket: 3,00 € (unlimited journeys from 8 pm until the end of service on the day of ticket validation).

There are many other different tickets you can find out about on the ATM website (


Travel Cards allow you to travel whenever and as often as you want on the public transport system. Travel Cards are electronic cards which cost 10 € and are valid for 4 years. You can purchase the electronic card at any ATM Point, online, or at any outlet located on the underground.

You will need to bring a passport photograph, a valid ID and your Italian social security number (Codice Fiscale). Once you have your electronic card you can charge it at the ticket machines located in every underground station, at authorized outlets, at ATM Points, and at some cashpoints. You can choose different validity periods:

  • weekly : 11,30 € (from Monday to Sunday, valid for one week)
  • monthly: 35 € (one month from the 1st to the last day of the month for which the travel card was purchased)
  • annual: 330 € (valid for 12 consecutive months)

Discounts for under 26

If you’re under 26 you can ask for a special electronic card which will grant you discounts on the monthly and annual Travel Cards:

  • monthly: 22 €
  • annual: 200 €


You can buy your ticket via sms. You need to send one sms with the text “ATM” from your mobile to the number 48444. If you take bus/tram you need to show your confirmation in case of control. If you are buying it for a metro ride you can print it with your PNR at automatic machine in all metro stations.


Since 2011 Milan has been served by a night bus network which is active on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) from 0:30 am to 6 am. Fifteen bus lines allow passengers to move around the city when the regular daily transport is closed. Three lines replace the metro serving all the stations. The other lines follow the route of their daily counterparts. These are N6, N15, N24, N27, N42, N50, N54, N57, N72 and N94. In addition, N90 and N91 travel at night every day of the week including weekends. You can use night transport with only one ticket which you can buy from parking meters during the weekend. Travel Cards are also allowed.


Uber is a famous american drivers service. It is very simple to use: you can hire a private driver to pick you up and take you to your destination just using your smartphone. If you are not regitered yet, the first ride is free using the promo code: 2qmkoue or clicking THIS UBER LINK.


Taxis are the most comfortable and expensive way to move around Milan. Base fares can vary depending on the hour and the day of the week. Weekdays from 6 am till 9 pm it’s 3,20 €,Saturday, Sunday and holidays 5,20 €, while at night (from 9 pm till 6 am) it’s 6,20 €.

The basic rates are 1,03 € per km and 26,86 € per hour.

If getting a taxi is the only option you have we suggest you try to find someone to share it with.


Since 2008 Milan has had a public bicycle transport system designed for short distances- called BikeMi. You can pick up a bike at one of more than 100 stations around the city and leave it at any other station. The service is fully automatized and works 24/7. To use BikeMi you need a subscription which can be purchased online at, at any ATM point, or for only daily and weekly subscriptions you can call (toll-free number 800 80 81 81) and use your credit card or wap ( The fares for the subscriptions are:

  • Annual: 36 € (25 € if you already have an ATM Travel Card)
  • Weekly: 6 €
  • Daily: 2,50 €

With your subscription you can use a bike anytime you want for free, for up to 30 minutes for each ride. After the first 30 minutes, a fare of 0,50 € for every 30 minutes is applied, for a maximum limit of 2 hours. After that it will cost you 2 € per hour. Note that exceeding the 2 hour maximum limit 3 times blocks the subscription.


In Milan there are different companies that offer the car sharing service. You can rent a car with a smartphone app and pay it per minute just for the duration of your trip. It is half way between a car rental and a taxi ride and it’s widely used in Milan, in fact you can even enter in the “Area C” and park on yellow and blue zones without additional costs. From 2015 you can also rent temporary scooter from Enjoy with same process of renting a car.


If you want to use a car, keep in mind that in the center there is a congestion charge named “area C”. The fee is of 5 € and it’s applied to every vehicle entering the city center on weekdays from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm. The access is free only for hybrid or electric vehicles and scooters.
When you have to park your car, remember that white lines mean “free parking”; yellow zones are reserved for residents, while blue lines denote  “pay and display”: pay for a ticket from the dispensing machine and display it clearly in the front windscreen.


Milan is served by three airports: Linate, Malpensa and Orio al Serio.
Linate is the closest to the city center and you can reach it by bus (73 or X73) with a simple ATM ticket.
Malpensa is the second biggest airport in Italy and it’s located in Varese province. You can reach it by coach from Central Station (10€) or by train from Cadorna Station (Malpensa express one way: 12€)
Orio al Serio is located in Bergamo province and it’s famous for its great offer of low-cost flights. You can get there by coach from Central Station (5€).

You can book your ticket to (and from) the airport online easilly from the Milan Airport Trasfer page HERE.