Bright double bedroom near Isola metro station

Room for rent in Via Jacopo dal Verme: 695 Euro/month

Erasmus Milan has selected for you this room for rent in Via Jacopo dal Verme!

Placed very close to the heart of Milan – next to the Isola metro station – this apartment provides an excellent location and all the accommodation needed for a great experience! Plus, the nearby transport links lead to central Milan as well as to the universities along the way, which is a great perk! The property features five bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, but you can expect more than that. The bedrooms offer a homely and spacious area with a comfortable feeling where you can relax and devote yourself to your studies and the kitchen offers the main amenities so you can cook something up.

This room is available from 2018-07-10.

Price: 695 Euro/month


Location: Via Jacopo dal Verme