Cfp Bauer

Cfb Bauer

The Cfp Bauer is an academy of photography and visual communication. A lot of authors, professionals and critics recognize that it is the most important academy in his field in Italy.

It is located in Via Soderini 24 and it can be reached by metro green line “S. Ambrogio” station then by bus 58, or by the red metro line “Bande Nere” station then by bus 95.

General information:

Address: Via Soderini, 24 (20146 – Milano)
Official website:

International students information: click HERE

International relationship office:

Address: Via Soderini, 24 (20146 – Milano)
Phone: +39 02 774.053.00/01
Fax: +39 02 774.053.33

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