Travel cheap and smart from Milan

Travel cheap and smart from Milan: How to save money and time

Milan is beautiful and it has lot of things to see and places to go. Also, it is a very important travel hub thanks to its strategic location, its three airports and its many facilities: Travel cheap and smart from Milan is quite easy… If you know how to do it!

No matter if you are planning a small trip to the surroundings of Milan or if, instead, you are organising an international trip to another country, this article will help you with any kind of travel… If your aim is to save your money and your time, of course!
So what are you waiting for? Let’s start learning how to travel cheap and smart from Milan!

Travelling by plane:

Reaching the airports:

As you may know, there are two airports in Milan (Linate and Malpensa) plus one in Bergamo (Orio al Serio), the last considered by many the third airport of Milan, in fact you can find it also named as “Milano Bergamo” airport.
It’s quite easy and cheap reaching the three of them, so don’t overthink about choosing one instead of another.

  • Going to Milano Bergamo (Orio al Serio)

Even if it may seems counterintuitive, the cheapest way to reach an airport in Milan is going to Orio Al Serio: take a BUS for 5 Euro (one-way ticket) or 9 Euro (return ticket) from Stazione Centrale to Orio al Serio booking it online HERE: don’t worry if you miss your bus, there is one every 30 minutes and the ticket is still valid.

  • Going to Malpensa 

The cheapest way to reach Malpensa (8 Euro one-way, 14 Euro return) is still the BUS from Stazione Centrale. You can book it online HERE.

You can reach Malpensa also with the Malpensa Express, a train leaving also from Cadorna station. It’s faster than the bus (37 minutes instead of 50) but it’s a bit more expensive (13 Euro instead of 8). You can book online your Malpensa Express ticket HERE.

  • Going to Linate

During the day (from 5.30 am to 12.30 am) you can reach Linate with the bus number 73 from San Babila square. Your ATM ticket or ATM student card are valid.

If you prefer to take an Air Bus from Stazione Centrale, they are available also during the night for 5 Euro one-way and 9 Euro round-trip ticket. If you need more info, check the ATM Air Bus page HERE.

Travel cheap and smart: the cheapest flights

The cheapest flights

Let’s start now with serious stuff: some money and time-saving tips to travel by plane!

Luckily there are many low cost companies flying from (and to) Milan’s airports:

The most famous are Ryanair (Malpensa and Orio Al serio) and Easyjet (Malpensa), but there is also the Hungarian company Wizzair (Malpensa and Orio al Serio) if you are planning to go to the eastern Europe, or the Spanish Vueling (from Linate).
Sometimes also Alitalia and Lufthansa offer cheap flights… So now you are probably asking:

“How can I find the best offers without wasting lots of time comparing all the companies?”

As you may know, there are many search engines for flights but our favourite is definitely…

– Skyscanner


First of all, using Skyscanner is FREE: You can make as many searches as you want and, once you have chosen your favourite flight, it will simply redirect you to the page of the company with NO commission fees and NO bad surprises when you have to pay.

Also, it is multilingual and it offers flight searches in over 30 languages including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

So, CLICK the BUTTON below to try Skyscanner, choose your destination and find the cheapest flight!

[button color=”red” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]Find the cheapest flights NOW![/button]


TIP: As we mentioned before, don’t overthink about the best Milan airport, they are all easy to reach, so choose the option “Milan (Any)”, you will save a lot of time!

Another useful and free flights search engine is

– Cheapflights:

It is super easy to use and we like the fact that it orders results in three different ways: “the cheapest”, “the quickest” and “the smartest”… Seems perfect for an article called “Travel cheap and smart…”, don’t you think?

So, why don’t you try both Skyscanner and Cheapflights and tell us what’s your favourite?

If you are reading this from your smartphone, you can also:
– download Cheapflights App for Android;
– download Cheapflights App for iOS.

Travelling by BUS

If you are planning a relatively short distance trip and you want to save lots of money, you should definitely take in consideration to travel by bus. Of course, it is not a time saving option, but if you don’t have rush and you like to admire the landscape, it’s probably the cheapest way to travel from Milan. What’s the best choice for low cost buses?


In fact, Flixbus offers trips starting from 1 Euro from Milan to many destinations in France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and, of course, Italy.

It you take Flixbus, there are NO booking FEES, you have FREE wi-fi on board and you can bring 3 pieces of baggage… What else?

[button color=”red” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]Find the cheapest bus NOW![/button]

Travel cheap and smart: travelling by train

Travelling by train

Italy is very well known for its cultural and natural heritage spread all over the country. When you want to get one small town or move around tourist spots close to each other (for example the famous “Cinque Terre“) , sometimes travel by train is the only solution. Also, it’s way faster than the bus even if it can be more expensive.

In Milan there are many train stations, but almost all the trains leave from Centrale, Cadorna or Garibaldi. Also, there are different rail companies like, for example,  Trenitalia, Italo, Trenord and more… So, you could be a bit lost when searching for a train.

Once again, technology helps us to travel cheap and smart! How so?


It works like Skyscanner or Cheapflights but for trains. In other words, it is a search engine and also a ticket office on your smartphone or PC. It has NO commission fees and it accepts all the international credit or debit cards and Paypal. Also, you can add your discount code if you have one.

How does it actually works? You just have to look for your destination and Trainline will find you all the solutions to reach it; then buy your ticket online in less then one minute and you will receive it by mail or on your smartphone app. Very easy and time saving tool!

Want to try it now?

[button color=”red” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]Find the cheapest train NOW![/button]

Travelling by car

If you are a student and Milan is not your hometown, you probably don’t have your car with you now. Still, if you like to travel by car, you can do it in almost two different ways:

  • Carpooling

This is the cheapest and smartest way if you don’t want to drive. We are sure that you already know BlaBlaCar but it definitely deserves some words in this article:
Based on the sharing economy idea, BlaBlaCar connects drivers with empty space in their car and people who want to get to the same destination, in order to share expenses and time together.

Drivers and passengers have a personal profile with reviews and feedbacks and prices are very affordable!

  • Rent a car

If you want to be free to follow your personal tour and your schedule and you like to drive, you should probably rent a car.

Skyscanner Car Hire helps us out again comparing car rentals prices of hundreds of companies and guess what?
It’s FREE: It redirects you to the company website with NO commission fees!

Also, it shows a map of car rentals with prices on it so that you can choose the best solution based on your location… Believe us, it’s easier to use it than to explain it!

[button color=”red” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]Find the cheapest car NOW![/button]

Find accommodation

Now that you know the best ways to reach your destination, a very important thing is to choose the best accommodation. It will let you save much money if you choose well.

AirBnb (and a special gift)

First of all, if you have read until this point, you absolutely deserve a gift for your next trip: a discount of 25 Euro for your first trip with AirBnb! You just have to click on the button below, subscribe to Airbnb and get your 25 Euro!

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If you then decide to book a trip, the discount will be applied automatically and also one of our team will get a discount for her/his next trip!

Never heard about AirBnb and how it works?

It’s quite simple actually: Airbnb is a homestay network that lets people to list or rent short-term lodging in residencial flats, rooms, villas, treehouses, boats… Every kind of accommodation… It has over 2,000,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 191 countries (source: AirBnb – 2016) so it won’t be difficut to find your favourite.

If you are looking for a hotel, an apartment, a chalet in your favourite mountain, a beach side resort or any kind of accommodation, you will find it on

They always offer you the lowest price at the time of booking and if you find your reservation on another website at a lower rate, they will refund you the difference.
Another cool thing to underline is that you can make changes to your booking or cancel anytime 

Want to try it? Fill the box below and find the cheapest accommodation!

– Agoda

If you haven’t found anything you like on AirBnb or Booking or you simply want to try something alternative, we suggest to use Agoda.

It has more than 1,000,000 vacation rentals and hotels all over the world but it’s not very famous in Europe yet. Instead, it’s the most popular accommodation website in Asia and Australia so, if you are planning an intercontinental trip (lucky you!), you could find more solutions on Agoda than on Booking.

Another interesting thing is that you can also look for cheap flights on Agoda and maybe find all you need in the same website…

Are you courious to try it? Fill the form and plan your trip!

Not satisfied yet? Surprise!
We have left the cheapest accommodation website at the end. Well… Actually it’s not the cheapest, it’s completely FREE!

What are we talking about?


On this platform you can find many people who have decided to host for free other travellers like them. Someone offers a couch to sleep, some others give you a bed and, if you’re lucky, you can also find an entire room.

If you want to be a couchsurfer, remember that you are going to be part of a community, you’re not just booking a free place to sleep. So, your host will probably be glad to show you her/his city, to take you to special places or hang up with her/his friends.
That’s a very good way to know new people and discover local habits!

You think that Couchsurfing is made for you? Click HERE and become a couchsurfer.


Travel cheap: find accommodation

Visiting the place

Once that you have finally reached your destination, it’s time to visit, sightseeing, relax and so on. Our last tips to travel cheap and smart are the following:

Free tours

You can find free walking tours in almost every city in the World and it is a very nice way to discover culture, history and secrets of the place you are visiting.

Youngsters, usually very friendly and trained, will take you around and tell you about monuments, churches, squares and interesting spots.

Tours are free but it’s polite to leave a tip at the end of them.


TripAdvisor is not only a search engine for hotels and flights, but it has a huge database of restaurants, bars clubs and cultural activities with literally thousands of users reviews. Don’t have time to read them all? The number of stars (actually, they are dots…) will give you an immediate idea!

– City Maps 2Go – Offline Map

This app (look for it on Google Play or App Store) is essential if you don’t have sense of direction and very useful even if you have it!
You have to reach a place but you cannot connect data roaming or Wi-Fi? Don’t worry! You can download until 5 maps for free and use them offline. It contains also Wikipedia tourist guides!

So… this was our last tip to travel cheap and smart from Milan and we hope you have enjoyed all of them. If you think that we should add some other website or app or tool or anything hepful, please contact us. 

Don’t forget to SHARE this article if you liked it, your friends who want to travel cheap and smart will appreciate it and…
It would be great for us too!


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