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Moving to Milan: Have you thought to ship your luggage?

It’s almost time for one of the most exciting experiences of your life, going abroad for Erasmus! Soon you will take photos of the Duomo and walk in awe through Via Monte Napoleone. Just imagine all the new friends you are going to make and the Italian food you will eat whilst exploring the exciting culture of Italy. But first things first, your move to Milan.

Maybe you’ve already found your new flat or apartment and you’re ready to move in. Or maybe you haven’t found it yet but you will soon.

Probably you can’t wait to take your favourite products or nicest clothes with you but you also want to pack lightly, because we all know the hassle of carrying around heavy luggage.

It can be especially challenging when you’re moving to a large city like Milan where you don’t know your way around yet. What if we told you that you don’t have to compromise between bringing all your stuff you want and packing lightly?

Instead of taking all your stuff with you on the bus, train or plane, why not ship your luggage instead? Imagine getting on your way, lightly packed with just the essentials, ready for your next adventure. No need to carry those heavy suitcases up and down the stairs and on and off the Milan Metro. You will be able to travel worry-free, knowing your luggage is on its way.

Who is Eurosender?

Eurosender is one of the leading European booking engines for ordering door-to-door shipping services for various items including luggage and suitcases for up to 70% lower prices.

Why would you ship your luggage with Eurosender?

They make shipping simple. Your belongings will picked-up from your doorstep and delivered to the address of your choosing, door-to-door. You just have to book the pick-up online through their website by filling out the requested details, prepare your luggage for transport, hand them over to the courier and they’ll handle the rest.

If you wonder how much it will cost or how long it will take for your luggage to arrive, just use the online booking engine on their website to immediately view the price and estimated delivery time. Use the promocode ERASMUSMILAN and you will receive a 10% discount on your booking!

Of course your belongings are valuable to you. Therefore, any shipment booked through Eurosender is automatically insured for up to 200 EUR with optional additional insurance.

No need to hassle with a language barrier by using Poste Italiane- Eurosender speaks your language! Don’t hesitate to contact them in case you have any questions or if you require further assistance either via Phone or Email. You can also check out the frequently asked questions on their Website.

Where can I send my luggage to?

Your luggage can be shipped from basically anywhere you like in Europe to any type of accommodation you have in Milan, from apartments to hostels. All possible countries are listed in the booking engine on their website.

What if I don’t have a place to stay yet?

If you haven’t found your new place yet and are still searching, don’t worry! Eurosender even offers free storage services for students. They will handle the shipping and storage to and in Milan so that you can ship all your items to your university dorm, student campus, college or apartment and have them stored for FREE until you arrive in Milan and can receive them. Your items can be stored for as long as you need. For the instructions on how to book shipping and storage, check out their blogpost HERE.

Let’s start shipping

Save yourself the worries and let Eurosender take care of your luggage. They have already helped 500.000 students so far. Don’t forget to use the promocode ERASMUSMILAN for a 10% discount on your order.

Just send it with Eurosender- Simple, quick and reliable.

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