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You know you’ve done your Erasmus in Milan if…

If you have spent part of your life in Milan as Erasmus or international student, you surely have had a great time in this Italian city and you probably have done many (or all) of these things:

1) Had an Aperitivo at Navigli:

The Aperitivo is a must for every Milanese and it soon becomes a need also for Erasmus and international students. You get one drink and eat as much as you can. Surely you have replaced many of your dinners with an Aperitivo at Navigli, haven’t you?

2) Friday nights at Alcatraz:

A favourite for international students for many years. How come? You probably don’t remember it!

3) Discover that the Milanese sky has 50 shades of grey:

It rains a lot. You have to get used to it if you want to survive in Milan. And the title doesn’t have a double meaning, the sky is actually varying colours of grey for many days!

4) Saying “Boh!?” every time you don’t know something:

“Boh!?” is one of the most commonly used words in Milan and foreigners who listen it for the first time really fall in love with it… Are you one of them?

5) Eating a Panzerotto at “Luini”:

We can’t explain it. If you haven’t tried it, just do it! And stop saying that Italians only eat pasta and pizza 😉

6) Filling your room with useless gadgets:

Hippie glasses, Hawaiian Lei, bunny ears, Fluo sticks, strange hats, bracelets, whistles and so on… For every Erasmus party you collect one gadget. What’s the weirdest one you have?

7) Trying to speak with your hands:

The first days (or weeks?) only try the most famous Italian gesture, shaking your closed hand with your fingers pinched up and down, to say everything. When you realize that gesture language is more difficult and complex than the spoken one, you start learning Italian.

8) Having your hands and wrists full of club stamps:

Every night a party. Every party a stamp. And it seems impossible to delete them, so you are condemned every day to hearing “Take a shower!” and many other nice phrases from your (jealous) friends.

9) Taking thousands of pictures:

#Milan #Erasmus #Bellavita #Italy #ErasmusMilan #Duomo #Aperitivo #friends #OnceErasmusAlwaysErasmus #Happy #Party … Ok, we got it!

10) Walking around via Montenapoleone and the “Quadrilatero della moda”…

… Staring at the shop windows without buying anything!

11) Celebrating New Year’s Eve before everyone:

Many Erasmus students from all over Italy come to Milan to celebrate the “Crazy Countdown” by ESN and wish happy new year to each other… In mid-december!

12) Taking an illegal taxi:

You probably didn’t meet Pitbull but you still saved some money.

13) Having ice cream at “Cioccolati Italiani”:

Gelato… Another thing that Italians do better!

14) Taking part in a trendy event:

Fashion week, design week, Opera at La Scala, VFNO and so on…

15) Spending just TOO MUCH on rent…

… And understand why many Milanese students still live with their family. Mamma mia!

16) Drinking beers at Colonne di San Lorenzo:

Wether it be sitting on the ground or spending the night standing up you surely spent some of your best Milanese nights in this awesome square.

17) Having parties and “botellon” at student residences:

Some of your best nights (and many of your worst hangovers) started in a student residence. If these walls could talk…

18) Studying at Parco Sempione for the summer session:

Or that was the intention at the beginning at least… Then you spent your afternoon lying down on the grass sunbathing or playing soccer. If you wanted to study… Why did you bring the ball?

19) Singing and dancing on a night bus:

Party. Never. Ends!

20) Crying at a good-bye party:

The best and the saddest parties at the same time.

21) Signing Italian flags:

The typical gift when an international student goes back home is an Italian flag signed by all his/her new best friends.

Now, look at it and remember:

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